IBM AIX X Window server

The X Window server gets the arrangement of multiple screens through -P* command line arguments.

The screens may be configured diagonally, in order to avoid the server moving the pointer from screen to screen. For example, using the following command line:

/usr/lpp/X11/bin/X :1 -force -P11 iga0 -P22 bl0 -P33 bl1

The lsdisp command shows the names of the graphical devices.

In the case of a heterogeneous DynamicServer configuration (Dynamic configuration) or with the Vario option (Zooming a screen) (Rotating a screen) the X Window server shows two peculiarities regarding fonts:

The default font is Ergo15.iso1 instead of the usual fixed. The arguments -fn fixed let the X Window server load this font. Alternatively you may let the XmetaX proxy know the special font by using the statement fontName Ergo15.iso1 (Miscellaneous statements).

However, the fixed font like many others is stored in the directory /usr/lib/X11/fonts/ instead of the misc/ subdirectory. Thus, there is no uniform architecture-independent font path. This problem can be solved by a font server.

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