Oracle Solaris X Window Server

If the X Window server is started with a display number which is different to the default value :0, it may display non-fatal warning messages during server initialization. They are eliminated by adding the appropriate display specification to the server configuration file /etc/openwin/server/etc/OWconfig. If this file does not exist, then copy it:

mkdir -p /etc/openwin/server/etc
chmod a+rx /etc/openwin/server/etc
cp /usr/openwin/server/etc/OWconfig /etc/openwin/server/etc/OWconfig

Copy the specification of the resource of class XDISPLAY and name 0, then only change the name to the appropriate display number, here :1:

class="XDISPLAY" name="0"
coreKeyboard="IKBD" corePointer="IMOUSE"
class="XDISPLAY" name="1"
coreKeyboard="IKBD" corePointer="IMOUSE"

If a screen is to be rotated by the Vario option (Rotating a screen) or if unused input devices should be switched off (Miscellaneous statements), the XmetaX proxy tries to use a virtual input device for direct control of the device. With newer X Window servers this device is already configured. If you experience jerky pointer movements or if the input devices remain enabled, add the following lines to the configuration file /etc/openwin/server/etc/OWconfig:

# Virtual mouse for XmetaX/Vario

In rare cases you will need the absoluteInputDeviceMode workaround (Faulty pointer coordinates mode):

workarounds absoluteInputDeviceMode

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