Screen arrangement

Most X Window servers provide for more or less flexible configuration of the controlled screens. Since every X Window server controls the screens totally independently this configuration mainly affects the way how to control multiple screens with one mouse only.

In the simple cases of regularily arranged screens of same dimensions (measured in pixels) of one X Window server only the XmetaX proxy does not need to control the mouse pointer and may rely on the X Window server. Therefore the X Window server configuration has to reflect the relative positions of the screens. In these cases a screen border (Border width of a screen) is not needed.

However, XmetaX may also control multiple X Window servers or support strange, irregular screen arrangements. In these cases, the XmetaX proxy controls the mouse pointer totally independently. The controlled X Window servers should be configured so that the pointer cannot be moved off a screen. If this is not possible, the server should be configured as though the screens were arranged in a horizontal row.

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