Hewlett-Packard HP-UX X Window server

If the X Window server is started with a display number which is different to the default value :0, the configuration files /etc/X11/Xdisplay_number* should be created by copying the corresponding X0* files, for instance for the display name :1:

cd /etc/X11
cp X0devices X1devices
cp X0pointerkeys X1pointerkeys
cp X0screens X1screens

The configuration file /etc/X11/Xdisplay_numberpointerkeys specifies the screen arrangement. The mouse handling by the X Window server may be switched off using a high value for the the screen_change_amt value:

screen_change_amt    255
screen_row_wrap nowrap
screen_col_wrap nowrap

If you experience jerky pointer movements on remote servers, the pointer statement (Mouse pointer) might help.

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