A MXL product is licensed either as a subscription or for lifetime.

A license embodies one or more rights to execute a MXL program. It is implemented by a license key, which needs to be activated on the computer executing the MXL program.


A subscription is a time-limited online license. It can be extended at the end of its subscription period.

Subscriptions may float between different systems, including virtual machines and Docker images.

Within the subscription period updates to new releases of the licensed software are free of charge.

Lifetime license

A lifetime license is node-locked to a computer and can be used for unlimited time. In addition a time-limited maintenance plan is offered, which entitles the licensee to run updated releases of the licensed software.

With the purchase of the license a maintenance plan valid for 90 days is included, beginning with the activation of the license.

An activation of a lifetime license is bound to a specific computer for the complete lifetime, although repetitive partial hardware replacements are allowed.

A lifetime license can be used in an online or an offline environment.


The online activation of a license requires direct Internet access to X-Software’s license portal, and no further steps are necessary. Renewals of the maintenance plan and hardware changes are synchronised automatically.


In an offline environment, indirect Internet access (sneaker net) may be used for the (re-)activation, although the procedure would be simpler with direct Internet access. Renewals of the maintenance plan and hardware changes have to be synchronised manually by reactivating the license.

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