A MXL product is licensed as a time-limited subscription providing two different types of licenses.

A license embodies one or more rights to execute a MXL program. It is implemented by a license key.

A license needs to be activated. This binds the license to one or more computers, although partial and in certain circumstances complete hardware replacements are allowed. A binding is valid for a certain duration and needs to be re-activated recurrently during the subscription period, either automatically or manually.


The flexible subscription model works exactly to the day. A license can be extended at the end of its subscription period.

Within the subscription period updates to new releases of the licensed software are free of charge.

License Types

Licenses are distinguished in terms of the availability of permanent Internet access:

Internet access Online Offline
Activation direct direct / indirect
Binding validity one week one year
Automatic re-activation yes no
Complete hardware replacement possible immediately at end of binding validity

Licenses are shared by an on-premise license server among multiple users in a network over time (floating licensing).

In order to ensure a higher availability of licenses, a failsafe cluster can be setup optionally. It consists of a set of computers, each running its own license server. One of these license servers may get unavailable without disturbing the licensed application. Utilising a greater number of license servers it is even possible to substitute one or more immediately.

Online versus Offline licensing

A license requires recurring re-activation during the subscription period. When the binding validity expires, the license cannot be used until it is re-activated. This implicit invalidation allows license transfers by eliminating the possibility of misuse.

The (re-)activation of an online license requires direct Internet access to X-Software’s license portal. The binding validity is one week, and the license is automatically re-activated.

Whereas, indirect Internet access (sneaker net) is sufficient for the (re-)activation of an offline license, although the procedure would be simpler with direct Internet access. The binding validity is one year, and the license must be manually (re-)activated.

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