Legacy Products

Wait a moment, before going to our legacy products, on the market for twenty years after all. For a future-proof solution, you should really try our new MXL products which eliminate all the disadvantages of XmetaX/XposeXrecord and XposeXplay:

MXL Recoder
  • Nearly no restrictions — record small displays or huge walls, even in irregular arrangements
  • The system load is shifted from the CPU towards the GPU — more power for your applications.
  • No X11 proxy — install, configure, and start recording.
  • No X11 proxy — the X11 protocol with all current and future extensions can be used.
  • No X11 proxy — all current and future technologies supported: X11, OpenGL, Vulkan, ….
  • The recordings are stored in an open standard format — suitable for easy post processing.
  • Recording is totally independent of the X11 protocol — expect Wayland, macOS, Windows ….
MXL Player
  • Sophisticated user interface — manage the play list, scale the display smoothly during playback, or conveniently slide the current position.
  • Additional restricted integrated mode — let the user control and manipulate his view only.
  • Playback everywhere, even on smaller displays — expect Wayland, macOS, Windows ….
  • Integrated editor — cut, crop, stitch together, or convert recordings the easy way.

If you really want to access our legacy software products visit  https://legacy.x-software.com.