RuhrEnergie Network Control Center

Helmut Mauell GmbH, Germany

The ME multiView wall display system

RuhrEnergie network control center picture
Photo: Helmut Mauell GmbH

The power network of RuhrEnergie Gelsenkirchen is controlled by two operator positions of the control center following the four eyes principle: The actions of the active operator are supervised by the other operator.

The control and display areas on the left and right sides of the wall display are related to the operator positions, respectively (see below). Nevertheless, it is possible to move a window for instance from the left side to the right side. The center area is used for displaying the network.

Each of the operator workstations is equipped with three screens. The wall display acts as fourth screen of each workstation, physically arranged above the three real screens. As soon as the operator moves the mouse pointer across the top border of one of his real screens the pointer jumps to the wall display, where arbitrary input can be done (mouse-to-the-north-function). Because at any time only one operator may control the wall display, the other operator is driven out automatically.

The wall display comprises 3 × 5 ME multiView Cube 50" XGA DLP projectors. Each of the ME multiView Cubes is equipped with one analogue and one digital input channel. Two ME X-mosaic Split Controllers control the wall display. One Split Controller is connected to the digital inputs of all projectors, the other Split Controller is connected to the analogue inputs of all projectors. Thus, each of the Split Controllers can control the entire wall display. If the active Split Controller breaks down, the passive Split Controller takes over.

The ME X-mosaic Split Controller is a PC based on standard components running Linux. The active Split Controller manages the operator's input (mouse and keyboard) on the wall display. For high availability the split technology is redundantly implemented on a double 10/100 MBit LAN. The redundancy including the double LAN connections is totally transparent for the network control system deneg ControlStar, the pair of Split Controllers act like one single X Window server.

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Our contribution: XposeXrecord, XposeXplay and XcontrolX

This project became a good example for the effect that close cooperation with our client levers the combination of some of our products to a higher value than the sum of the individual parts would have:

On each operator workstation the resource manager of the product XmetaX implements the virtual fourth screen,

the X Window session of which is recorded by XposeXrecord and

simultaneously displayed on the wall display via one of the Split Controllers by XposeXplay,

where it can be controlled using XcontrolX from the workstation.

All of these processes as well as the automatic switch-over between the Split Controllers in case of failure are totally transparent for the application, the network control system.

On the other hand, our programs disclose their internal state if required, so that the overall control system is able to keep control over all integrated components.

Both qualities - transparency and complete information - are important for a successful system integration.

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