NATO ACCS LOC1 (Air Command and Control System)

Thales Raytheon Systems Air and Missile Defense Command and Control SAS (TRS AMDC2), formerly Air Command Systems International (ACSI), France

The ACCS LOC1 environment

ACCS LOC1 picture
Photo: ACSI

The ACCS program is designed to replace a multitude of existing national air defense systems in NATO Europe and provide force management, air mission control, airspace management, air traffic control, surveillance, and air command and control system management in a fully integrated way.

ACSI, a joint venture equally owned by Thales and Raytheon founded in 1996 is responsible for Program Management, System-Level Engineering, System Software Engineering, Sub-System / Sub-Contract Management, Integration and Test, and System Support.

X-Software's product XmetaX with options is used to implement the New Operator Work Position Design:

Seamless switch between flexible workstation display configurations without terminating or disturbing displaying applications

Projection of display contents (e.g. air picture) to commanders, higher headquarters, flight units

Total recording of workstation displays and input actions

Feed of (remote) Large Screen Displays through XposeXplay

ACCS LOC1 at ThalesRaytheonSystems

Our contribution: XmetaX and XposeXplay

Our products XmetaX (with options DynamicServer, InWindow and Pose) and XposeXplay were contracted for ACCS LOC1.

XmetaX maps arbitrary large virtual display areas, so-called meta screens, on real screens of one or multiple X Window servers or even on X Window windows. The dimensions of the screens do not matter. This mapping is used for the flexible work positions.

The option InWindow allows to map meta screens on X Window windows instead of real screens.

The option DynamicServer provides for connecting and disconnecting X Window servers during runtime. This allows to smoothly switch between different work position configurations without disturbing the applications.

The option Pose allows to totally and exactly record an X Window session or individual X Window clients for simultaneous or later playback. The Pose technology does not work pixel by pixel but on the X Window protocol level yielding rather compact data streams for recording, storage and display. Arbitrary binary data like audio or video may be synchronously integrated with the Pose recording.

For later and live playback on a workstation or on a large wall display the product XposeXplay is used.

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