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ABB Schweiz AG, Switzerland -> XbigX-> XmetaX
-> Lenzhard SCADA SystemLenzhard SCADA System-> XmetaX
Thales Raytheon Systems Air and Missile Defense Command and Control SAS (TRS AMDC2), formerly ACSI, France -> XmetaX-> XposeXplay
-> NATO ACCS LOC1 (Air Command and Control System)NATO ACCS LOC1
Air Command and Control System
-> XmetaX-> XposeXplay
Alpiq AG, Switzerland-> XbigX
ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH, Germany-> XcontrolX
Bank Julius Bär, Switzerland-> XbigX
Börder Elektronik GmbH, Germany -> XbigX-> XmetaX
Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe, Germany-> XbigX
-> Seismic Data Analysis CenterSeismic Data Analysis Center-> XbigX
Cerner Deutschland GmbH, Germany-> XbigX
Credit Suisse First Boston Australia Equities Limited, Australia-> XbigX
DDG Gesellschaft für Verkehrsdaten mbH, Germany-> XbigX
Deutsche Telekom AG, Germany -> XmetaX-> XposeXplay
-> International Network Management CenterInternational Network Management Center -> XmetaX-> XposeXplay
DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH, Germany -> XmetaX-> XposeXrecord-> XposeXplay-> XcontrolX
GlobeCast Northern Europe (Maxat) Ltd., Great Britain-> XbigX
Helmut Mauell GmbH, Germany -> XposeXrecord-> XposeXplay-> XcontrolX
-> RuhrEnergie Network Control CenterRuhrEnergie Network Control Center -> XposeXrecord-> XposeXplay-> XcontrolX
Los Alamos National Laboratories, U.S.A.-> XcontrolX
MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd., Canada -> XposeXrecord-> XposeXplay
-> Canadian Naval Combat Operator TrainerCanadian Naval Combat Operator Trainer -> XposeXrecord-> XposeXplay
Oslo Lufthavn AS, Norway -> XbigX
-> Gardermoen Airport Oslo control towerGardermoen Airport Oslo control tower -> XbigX
Siemens AG, Germany -> XbigX
Telegyr Systems AG, Austria, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, U.S.A. -> XbigX-> XmetaX

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