Gardermoen Airport Oslo control tower

Oslo Lufthavn AS, Norway

The ICW system

OSL picture
Photo: Trond Isaksen, Oslo Airport

At Gardermoen Airport Oslo, Norway, the air traffic controllers are dependent on their main source of information, the Integrated Controller Workstations (the ICW system) installed in the Gardermoen tower. The system was delivered by Raytheon Company and was put into operation 4. November 1999.

The amount of information which is required to be displayed simultaneously is large, and each controller position (ICW workstation) is therefore equipped with two screens displaying different radar views and several windows containing flight data information as well as status information collected from different airport systems.

The XbigX software makes it possible to display on two screens simultaneously using the same input devices (mouse and keyboard). Being able to access and display all the information needed on two screens and still have only one set of input devices is great advantage for the users. For the user, the two neighbouring screens actually act and behave like one single very wide screen.

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Our contribution: XbigX

The Oslo airport installation shows the typical application of the XbigX product.

One screen is not enough. However, simply adding a frame buffer and connecting a second monitor is not the real solution. Because the X Window system treats multiple screens separately, the limitation of one monitor is not overcome. To benefit from the additional screens the user wants to move or even stretch windows over multiple screens.

The XbigX proxy maps one or more virtual screens arbitrarily on one or more real screens of an X Window server. Due to its unique proxy principle the applications connect to the X Window display as usual, without any modification.

The mapping is really arbitrarily. Normally invisible gaps may be made visible by panning a screen over the virtual display. Overlapping screen areas provide more overview near the screen borders.

Often the mouse pointer image is difficult to find on the large virtual screen. XbigX allows to zoom the cursor image for all applications.

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