Download XposeXrecord version 8.1 for IBM AIX (PowerPC) in format 7zip

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File information Last updated: 2019-02-21 10:00:22 +01:00
Version: 8.1.20190221
File size: 8045149 Bytes
CRC checksum: 3516916845
MD5 checksum: 511618a1318ac825729ae59f7fac766b
Installation Please follow the installation instructions.
Licensing For continuous use of XposeXrecord you need a software license and the licensing software Xlicense.
Evaluation Without a license key the software runs for a short time only. For a serious evaluation please request a temporary license key.
Configuration You can access the documentation of XposeXrecord either online or after installation at /opt/XSOXposeXrecord/share/manual/.
Troubleshooting and support Please contact our support team.
Feedback Please briefly tell us how you intent to use our software. Then we will be able to support your project better. Furthermore, your requirements and suggestions might have influence on future product development.

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