Installation directories

If you follow the manual, the files are installed into three directories independent of the architecture. The directory /opt/XSOXbigX takes the files which may be shared between machines of same architecture, the directory /etc/opt/XSOXbigX contains host specific files like license files, and the directory /var/opt/XSOXbigX contains output files like log files.

The following table shows all components of the software:

File Usage
Installation directory /opt/XSOXbigX
bin/ executable files
bin/xbigx shell script for executing …
bin/_xbigx … the real XbigX proxy program
bin/glxPlus shell script for starting OpenGL clients (option GLXplus)
bin/uninstall shell script for uninstalling
share/ architecture independent files
share/license_agreement license terms
share/manual manual in HTML format
Installation directory /etc/opt/XSOXbigX
Installation directory /var/opt/XSOXbigX

Before executing a program, please read the license terms and conditions in the included file


or the appropriate license file.

If you choose to install the files into other directories, you have to adjust the environment variables $XBIGX_HOME, $XBIGX_ETC, and $XBIGX_VAR in all shell scripts correspondingly.

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