Traffic Control Systems

-> Reference: Gardermoen Airport Oslo control towerPhoto: Trond Isaksen, Oslo Airport
Gardermoen Airport Oslo control tower

Although our software products are used in many areas, traffic control (TC) is one main application area. Traffic control systems demand special requirements on all components. As a TC system serves the security of human beings the most important requirements are reliability and high availability. Mainly the system integrator benefits from secondary qualities like flexibility, transparency, and longevity. All of our products fulfil these requirements by design. They are successfully used on all stages of the TC system's life cycle, as long as the X Window System is involved.


Research is the starting point: projecting future developments and making them real by prototyping.

The software XmetaX, our swiss army knife, drives the X Window System to its limits. It totally breaks and lets newly define the correspondence between application and display.

For output devices only the simpler product XbigX and XmetaX with the Vario option help to simulate arbitrary display formats and resolutions. They combine, translate, scale, and rotate screen contents.

The future user of the system is very important: XposeXrecord totally records and stores user interactions and output for simultaneous or later playback and precise analysis.


Every software developer needs screen estate: XbigX combines the screens of a workstation to a contiguous display area.

New software has to be tested continuously regarding correctness and performance: XposeXrecord and XposeXplay provide for comprehensible regression tests without modification of the test object.

Implementation, Operation and Maintenance

Status display and remote control are the main tasks of a TC system.

-> Reference: Lenzhard SCADA System Photo: ABB Schweiz AG
Lenzhard SCADA System

Display - from abstract overview down to the smallest detail - requires new, flexible and dynamic solutions. XbigX is used to build large display areas from smaller units. The additional functionalities of XmetaX, especially dynamic configuration, make it possible to define for each situation a perfectly matching display configuration. This can be done during runtime without disturbing the applications. Thus XbigX and XmetaX are often used to substitute inflexible hardware solutions or to integrate different output devices. On the control side incompatibilities are usual, too. XcontrolX provides the most simple method of integrating different UNIX systems. The software allows to operate multiple workstations with only one set of input devices (e.g. keyboard and mouse) in a very intuitive and safe way. No need to push switches, simply crossing the screen border with the mouse pointer is enough to go to an alternative workstation. If the other workstation is remote, the controller needs to see the remote screen contents on his workstation: no problem for XmetaX or XposeXrecord and XposeXplay.

-> Reference: Canadian Naval Combat Operator Trainer Photo: MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd.
Canadian Naval Combat Operator Trainer

The best TC system is not useful with suboptimal trained staff. Our POSE technology is used to teach personnel and furthermore to assure quality during operation of the TC system, including the complete surveillance of all input and output. XmetaX or XposeXrecord and XposeXplay may also be used for remote assistance on the user's screen.


A TC system requires continuous development without disturbing its operation. The flexibility and transparency of our products provide for easy iterative improvement of the total system.

We, too, continuously adapt our software to new requirements and environments. In close cooperation with our clients we develop functional enhancements, from the very quickly implemented prototype to the generally available product option.

Marketing and Sales

XmetaX or XposeXrecord can be used to produce product presentations supporting the sales force.

XposeXplay can play the presentation or generate videos, screen dumps, or slides.

COTS versus individual development - that's not the question

You know the trend to COTS (Commercial, off the shelf) products in the traffic control area. They reduce costs and lead time but seldom really meet individual requirements.

Product development at X-Software is strongly customer-driven: our clients' requirements define our future products.

Our swiss army knife product XmetaX is designed to easily incorporate a new functionality within a short time frame. One more reason for us to try to generalize special requirements into generally beneficial product features.

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