1988In the year 1988 the company was founded by Michael Gehret, dipl. math. oec., as a sole proprietorship, X/software. This name signaled the company's specialization on the X Window System and the Unix operating system from the very beginning. During his studies at the University of Ulm Michael Gehret acquired knowledge and skills in both areas and established a professional network.

In the X Window System's pioneering years X/software ported the X Window server as well as X Window toolkits and applications to Unix and similar systems, mainly contracted by notable U.S. computer manufacturers and European software vendors.

1993In order to meet the requirements of potential customers with the company's competences and technologies in a better and more structured way in 1993 X/software started to develop standard software products. The first product, XbigX, was based on the own Meta technology. First important clients were the trading departments of many Swiss and some German banks as well as worldwide operating geoscience companies.

1995Subsequently XbigX developed to XmetaX, a multi-purpose product to be extended by options and used to solve various problems around the X Window System.

1997In the year 1997 the company changed its legal form: the capital company X-Software GmbH, still completely owned by Michael Gehret, now placed the emphasize on the (further) development of software products and on the distribution of these products. Since then, special developments carried out by order almost always resulted in generally available products or enhancements.

1999The most important new development following was the Pose technology for recording and playback of X Window sessions. The corresponding products quickly became very successful in the areas of legal recording, quality assurance, and training.

2003In the year 2003 X-Software was awarded its largest contract so far, the delivery of Meta- and Pose products for the NATO Air Command and Control System (ACCS LOC1) which replaced many national air defense systems in Europe.

2010Because the Pose products more and more were misused for testing of software systems (capture and replay) X-Software started in 2010 the development of a more suitable technology, Amine, for simulation of input events and easy analysis and validation of outputs using a data base.

2012The product resulting from the Amine technology, XamineX, is used by selected pilot customers — mainly in the traffic control area — for the automated test of software, functional regression tests as well as load and performance tests.

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